Corporate Responsibility

Our commitment to corporate responsibility is an extension of who we are as individuals. This means that we have a shared, strong sense of the importance of acting with honesty and integrity towards each other and all those with whom we interact, from whom we expect similarly high standards. In our experience, when all involved act in good faith, success is more likely and failure easier to handle, to learn from, and move on.

Our sense of responsibility includes a high level of environmental awareness and of the extent to which we all externalise environmental costs. It also means that, whilst we don’t wear it on our sleeves, we do provide support for the communities of which we are glad to be a part, and beyond. This includes donations to local food banks and international charities and our pro bono work for the Environmental Law Foundation, plus a local parish council and community hall, amounting to approximately six days per person, per year. We also provide work experience and training to between four and six students per year, mainly from local schools but also from overseas.

We maintain long-term relationships with clients and suppliers, especially with those of like mind.