Website Design

Our designs start with what your visitors are like and what they want, so they’ll enjoy visiting you. Often.

Bespoke designs loved by developers and content managers, as well as your visitors

Within the context of your brand strategy and project objectives, we work with you to produce the overall concept, structure, common messaging, visual design, copy and content proposals. We test those proposals along the way, making sure that the real user experiences (of your main visitor profiles) are in line with expectations. Then we produce page-by-page designs for the developers and content creators to follow. For past clients, these have included branded purchase process elements such as shopping cart pages, individual account pages, loyalty point scheme designs and acknowledgement emails.

Designs for WordPress, Magento, Shopify and more

Being familiar with the technical requirements for developing websites in all major platforms, our designs are practical to implement, saving time and money. Developers love them. We develop, complete and maintain many sites ourselves. For larger client organisations, we more commonly work with their developers and content management teams. We’d be delighted to talk with yours.

To find out, call our MD, Michael on 01386 555666 or get in touch via the form here. Will will be pleased to hear from you.

What is our approach?

We listen to those you rely on

Every business needs its employees, customers and partners. Listening to them – intelligently – is a double win. You get vital insights. They, overwhelmingly, support what you do next.

You are more distinctive than you think

Businesses, too, can suffer from imposter syndrome, even whilst over-claiming. Not only is this is fear always wrong, your most valuable distinctions are probably ones which you take for granted.

Growth can strengthen your magic

The cliché that growth destroys ‘the magic’, is not an inevitability. Authentic brands attract new customers and hires who like your ethos and want to be part of it, so growth strengthens the business and its culture.

The highest creative & management standards

We treat our clients and their work as we would like to be treated. Consequently, we keep our clients, long-term, not by locking them in, but by reliable, top quality performance, year after year.

Doesn’t everyone do this?

We thought they did. Anything less, surely, is not real branding? But it turns out to be most unusual. We understand why: researching and consulting takes time – and the results might force a change of plan. But won’t it be a better plan? Better still, it will be a plan which will maximise the support, from launch, of those you consulted. Given that they are your customers, staff and partners, isn’t that more than a little exciting?

To find out, call our MD, Michael on 01386 555666 or get in touch via the form here. Will will be pleased to hear from you.

“World class design. Our own-label and retail brands attract attention everywhere we go. It’s hugely motivating for my team.”

Robbie AtkinsonAT Solutions Group (inc. Willow appliances)

“Real Branding have been central to the growth of our business and making it the UK No.1 in our niche.”

Michael HarleyFounder, Redplug (Rockwool blown insulation specialists)

“Real quality and attention to detail”

Megan PerryHead of Communications, Sustainable Food Trust

“Real Branding transformed our business. We had many months of growth so rapid, it scared others away. Not them.”

Marcus HicklinCo-founder & Director, Dream Car Giveaways

“We hired Real Branding because they did such a brilliant job with our previous business. They’ve now done it again, providing a level of quality I’ve not experienced anywhere else.”

Richard SharplesCEO, Spring Retirement

“Looks good, miles easier to navigate and runs so much smoother.”

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