Willow Appliances

The spaces in between. Introducing a new appliance brand

The Brief

Our client – AT Solutions, one of the UK’s biggest wholesalers of household electrical goods – has big plans, just one aspect of which is its own electrical appliances brand. They came to us with the name and a broad concept. We set about defining objectives for the brand and its visual expression via logo, colours, fonts and nomenclature.

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What we did

  • Brand Discovery
  • Branding & Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
An understated look can easily look under-designed, unless care is taken to create a strong sense of order and balance.
Most appliance brands go for a cold technical look. Pale, electronic blues push this further and the reds are aggressive. None adopt a welcoming, lifestyle approach.
Avoiding the beautiful but unattractively named weeping willow, we looked to the incredibly vigorous crack willow (Salix fragilis) which is found near water across the UK.
Keen to avoid a separate symbol, we liked the shape of the all-lower-case concepts, especially those in which the middle letters began to suggest willow saplings.
We favoured natural colours, especially the distinctiveness, in this sector, of greens. This lettering, though, was too spikey. We wanted something confident and relaxed.
This approach – which involved the significant adaptation of an existing font –  gets the tone right, is clean and clear, has a distinctive shape and works well in mono.

“World class design. Our own-label and retail brands attract attention everywhere we go. It’s hugely motivating for my team.”

Robbie AtkinsonAT Solutions Group (inc. Willow appliances)

“Real Branding have been central to the growth of our business and making it the UK No.1 in our niche.”

Michael HarleyFounder, Redplug (Rockwool blown insulation specialists)

“Real quality and attention to detail”

Megan PerryHead of Communications, Sustainable Food Trust

“Great strategists, able to think beyond the tactical campaign side of things and really get into the essence of what gives a brand its true USP.”

James HickmanCEO, Online Home Retail (plumbworld.co.uk)

“Real Branding transformed our business. We had many months of growth so rapid, it scared others away. Not them.”

Marcus HicklinCo-founder & Director, Dream Car Giveaways

“It is rare to find people with such a thorough understanding of what makes us special and why it matters.”

Nick Leeming FRICSChair, Jackson-Stops

“We hired Real Branding because they did such a brilliant job with our previous business. They’ve now done it again, providing a level of quality I’ve not experienced anywhere else.”

Richard SharplesCEO, Spring Retirement

“Looks good, miles easier to navigate and runs so much smoother.”

Customer feedbackDream Car Facebook page

“Everything – even application forms – now looks professional and does justice to our amazing staff and services.”

Maria BrownFundraising Coordinator, Social Life Opportunities

“The new branding reflects our vibrant business and communicates our values as part of the international co-op movement which is, at heart, what we all are about.”

Vivian WoodellFounder, The Phone Coop

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