A step-change in expression, reflecting a step-change in ambition

The Brief

Evenproducts makes incredibly useful products (steel water tanks), incredibly well. They first hired us in 2016, at which point they had about 70% of the UK market and wanted to expand their overseas sales, especially to emergency aid charities and NGOs. We tidied up their existing identity (which was OK if overly modest in a way that is typical of British SMEs) and created a new website which emphasised their emergency aid credentials. Their plan worked. Over the last six years, Evenproducts has increased sales to the aid market to the point at which it has gone about as far as it can. It has also refined its production and management processes to an international standard. Evenproducts came back to us this year, keen to assert a much more corporate, ambitious ethos, ready to take on the biggest international markets in horticulture, sports clubs and more. They needed a new identity, website and exhibition materials. Our solution takes a route which is bolder, simpler and has much more gravitas, whilst still echoing the former identity and the brilliant business it represented.

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What we did

  • Brand and Creative Strategy
  • Branding & Identity
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Information Architecture
  • Literature
  • Logo Design
  • Tone of voice
  • UX
  • Value Propositions
  • Website Build
  • Website Design
  • Wireframes + Sitemaps
Our research revealed that those familiar with Evenproducts recalled its previous logo as a V-shaped symbol. Its desire to portray both the stepped spray of an irrigation unit and a landscape of sky, land and water, was lost on pretty much everyone.
The website uses a new key phrase: Setting higher standards in steel water tanks, worldwide. This is central to the real nature of the brand because it tells everyone what they stand for and, crucially, puts pressure in everyone in the business to continue to live up to this promise. Such two-way messages are central to the long-term success of good brands.
The new symbol retains the V-shape and aqueous colour whilst intruding a bold, assertive letter E. It thus retains an element of familiarity and asserts the company’s more ambitious ethos.
A limited hierarchy of strong colours and fonts which are easy to read yet distinctive, help to brand all communications, without a logo in sight.
Bespoke, interactive size guide
Our Evenproducts guidelines cover everything from safe logo space to brand colour palette and typography.
Branded icon set
The interactive tank size guide allows customers to effortlessly identify the ideal tank solution by simply inputting their desired cubic meters.

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