Making culture compelling: bringing home the unique value of Jackson-Stops

The Brief

To draw on our long experience with this client to create a credible and distinctive value proposition capable of being accepted with enthusiasm by all members of the consortium of regional directors who, collectively, own the brand. To then apply that value proposition via restyled online and print campaigns, including templates for regional use. Jackson-Stops’ unique distinction amongst national estate agents, is a structure which predisposes local teams to invest in client and local relationships long-term, not least because they are free of head office priorities (there isn’t one). Our tagline describes a relevant consequence of this structure and invites people to ask “Why?”.

What we did

  • Brand and Creative Strategy
  • Branding & Identity
  • Copywriting
The UK Market Review is an online and printed news magazine which we produce twice a year. Written by us using Jackson-Stops data from across their national network, it has been a central part of their identity over a period in which they have grown from fourteen offices, to over forty.
All press advertisements use a standard grid set between the header and footer. By placing all content with reference to the grid – i.e. usually taking up whole or half rectangles – maintaining consistency across all offices and publications and via different artworkers – becomes much easier. 
The online advertisements all feature a ‘Find out why’ button, which has to link through to a landing page on the website which provides the answer. We’ve created ready-to-use ads including static, animated, and variations with and without photos.

“It is rare to find people with such a thorough understanding of what makes us special and why it matters.”

Nick Leeming FRICSChair, Jackson-Stops

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