Budget Skips

A refreshed look and new website functions, for a thriving client

The Brief

Our first website for Budget Skips was created back in 2014. It was a big success, in no small part thanks to our suggestion that it should, for the first time, be possible for customers to book online. Within a few months, almost all domestic customers booked online and, more importantly, bookings kept increasing, month after month. Fast-forward eight years, and the business has been doing brilliantly well. The website is doing a good job but, inevitably, needs a little refreshing. Collaborating with the client team, we also saw opportunities to make it even easier for domestic customers to choose the correct skip and understand how to prepare for its arrival. The new website looks great, so we knew that initial reactions would be strong. What is more gratifying is that a further reduction in customers booking or preparing wrongly is leading to great satisfaction all round - and improved productivity and profitability.

What we did

  • Branding & Identity
  • Design
  • Illustration
  • UX
  • Website Build
  • Website Design

Corporate and domestic customers alike want to know what happens to their waste. The website shows how over 95% of it, is recycled.
It’s hard for customers unfamiliar with skip sizes to choose the right one. We provide photos and two interactive guides to help them, plus an interactive post code search to check that Budget Skips can deliver to their address. 
New style illustrations, icons and colours portray a more confident, sophisticated service and tone of voice.
Online booking – with measures to prevent errors – helped to transform levels of domestic business when we introduced it back in 2014.
Our interactive post code search allows customers to check whether Budget Skips can deliver to their address.
Our interactive skip size guide makes it easy for customers to choose a skip that is just the right size for them.

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