Views we live and work by

Over the years, certain truths have cropped up time and time again, becoming part of how we approach projects and client relationships. Those below are perhaps most central.

Brave = Safe

You can’t stand out, if you hold back. By highlighting the authentic, we create brave brands with the odds stacked in their favour.

Central to our strategy-led approach to branding and product development, Brave = Safe holds that, in an age of information overload, only high impact, powerfully authentic and relevant messages will both secure and keep audience attention.

Often, our clients are modest, self-conscious and inclined not to seek the limelight. This trait can be endearing in a person. In a business, it is a certain route to being under-appreciated.

Brave = Safe thus demands that our strategy and design processes look thoroughly at hard evidence to create a bold plan with the odds stacked in your favour.

Purpose = Potential

“Ordinary” work can be extraordinarily valuable. Revealing how, can unlock and extend potential.

In our experience, ordinary people undervalue ordinary work and, consequently, themselves. They forget that society would break down just as quickly without, say, bin men, as doctors.

When the true value of good work is revealed, it can bring a realisation of purpose which unlocks and extends potential. Purpose and potential fuel each other, dissolving the boundaries between them.

We know that almost everyone loves to do worthwhile, useful work and believe that thriving, fair communities are built by organisations which provide good products and services, in honest and reliable ways.

So we root around under our clients’ layers of self-effacement, unearthing treasures previously overlooked for the very reason that, within the organisation, they are normal and thus unremarkable. Only then is it possible for our strategy and branding to do them justice.

Community = Strength

We build community through understanding how your valuable products & services, generate common experiences.

Real community provides the deep strength – internally as well as amongst clients and customers – which enables brands to adapt and survive, long-term. This applies as much, perhaps even more, to organisations to which community is not obviously relevant, as those to which it is. Again, your brand is what people say about you, when you are not in the room. Part of our job, is to make sure that you have as many people in the room as possible – and that they are all saying positive things.

Small is Beautiful

…because the best creative work is always produced by a small, multi-disciplined team, working in inspiring spaces. We are that team.

Together, we have a combination of the skills and experience needed to create outstandingly successful brands and marketing campaigns.

Small is Beautiful is, of course, the title of EF Schumacher’s hugely influential book, first published in 1973. Via our pro bono work for the Environmental Law Foundation, co-founded by his daughter-in-law Diana Schumacher OBE – a prominent environmentalist in her own right – we are delighted to have a link with EF Schumacher.

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