Transform Europe Awards 2018: Phone Co-op rebrand by Blue Moon shortlisted

January 22, 2018

Transform magazine has announced the shortlists for its 2018 winners, including Blue Moon’s rebrand of the Phone Co-op, the UK’s only telecoms co-operative. Other agencies and brands shortlisted include Conran Design Group (STUDIOCANAL), Brand Union (LEVEL) and – head to head with Blue Moon in the tech & telecoms sector – the global comms giant, WeberShandwick (Akselos).

The awards ceremony and dinner will be held at the Hilton Park Lane on 26 March 2018. To see all shortlists, please go here.

This recognition for the Phone Co-op rebrand is gratifying – though not as much as the comment we had from Jacci Marcus, Head of Sales and Marketing at The Phone Co-op, who remarked that “Our new brand is helping to drive sales, build awareness of The Phone Co-op and help us stand out online.

The Project

The Phone Co-op team had long felt confined by the strict collective branding of the UK co-operatives and wanted to ‘do their own thing’. Part of that, though, was a deep commitment to the broader co-operative movement, hence their wish to use the international co-op logo. These somewhat contradictory constraints were so firm, they stuck with them even after our report emphasising the on-going value of the main UK brand to the Phone Co-op. That report came out of a great deal of research, bringing the Blue Moon Creative team up to speed with our client and the co-operative movement as a whole – right back to the founding Rochdale Agreement of 1844.

Industry Context

Our brief came at a time when the main UK co-op brand, though still valuable, had been affected by the failings of the Co-op Bank and some members of its parent company board. It also came when UK telecoms sales were dominated by complex packages, designed to obscure poor value, not fulfil customer needs. The Phone Co-op wanted an identity which would fit with its positioning as ‘the good guys’, who would listen to you, talk straight – and let you buy what you need, not what they want to sell.

The Challenge

To create a strong new identity which:

  • Expresses the values of the Phone Co-op and incorporates the ICA ‘coop’ logo.
  • Appeals to the Phone Co-op’s dominant client profile (older, wealthier couples) and to their prime target for growth – ethically aware mobile phone users in their 20s and 30s.
  • Looks good across all media, from hostile environments such as low quality mobile phone screens and cheaply printed local news sheets, to the latest HD tablets and iMacs.
  • Is user-friendly for the in-house marketing team to implement.
  • Could be ready in just three months, for incorporation in their new website and other communications.

In addition, we at Blue Moon Creative wanted to secure the Phone Co-op as a long-term client and showcase what we could do in this sector.

Delivery in full

We delivered a full, 62 page visual identity guide bang on schedule. The client expressed strong approval. We then had to wait some months for the website to be finalised and for the new identity to be launched. When it was, the reaction amongst the Phone Co-op’s stakeholders was universally positive. Since then:

  • The new identity has been fully and smoothly incorporated.
  • It has become recognised as strong, distinctive and in line with the client’s objectives.
  • No practical defects or gaps in the new ID have been identified and it has worked across all media.
  • Overall sales have risen 5.8% in value.
  • Sales to the target younger age group have risen more than any other.

On-going work

Since their rebrand, The Phone Co-op has commissioned several additional projects from Blue Moon Creative, including:

  • Annual Report & Accounts for 2015/16 and 2016/17
  • 2017 half year report
  • email newsletter design
  • exhibition banners & other materials
  • press advertisements.

We look forward to continuing our work with the terrific team at Phone Co-op.

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