A Creative Agency with a Strategic Approach

We are a specialist Worcestershire, West Midlands based branding agency with national and international clients. Our services cover all aspects of branding. These include brand strategy, logo design, visual identity guide, naming, tone of voice, key phrases, copywriting, illustration and value proposition.

Creatives who create, in-house

Our clients value originality. So they love the depth of our in-house creative expertise and our commitment to great work. Even those with strictly controlled worldwide brand identities, such as Laufen and Peugeot, know that every new item has to feel fresh and engaging. We produce new, invigorating, on-brand ideas, every time.

We have a recognised commitment to effectiveness and originality. As a result, even for larger brands such as, say, Aqualisa and Jackson-Stops, our roles typically include:

  • Brand and creative strategy
  • Creative concepts & lead design
  • Copywriting 
  • Illustration
  • Website UX design
  • Design for print

An international perspective: local is nice, a good fit is better

The quality of our work matches the national and international standing of our clients. As such, being a Worcestershire, West Midlands based creative agency is rarely crucial.

This is true for our UK clients based outside the region, such as Aqualisa showers (Kent) and Jackson-Stops (London). It’s true for those based overseas, such as Laufen (Switzerland) and Arabian Sport Horse Championship (UAE).

And it is true for our local clients, such Dream Car Giveaways and Redplug insulation. Both of these brilliant businesses have, whilst with us, grown to become the UK No.1 business in their respective fields.

Does it help if we are local to you? In the early stages, it does make it less of a big deal to meet in person, build rapport and establish the really important thing: are we a good fit for what you need? Beyond that, we’re so used to looking after clients across the UK and beyond, year after year, that location makes little difference. In fact, these days, when we do meet our clients in person, it’s rarely strictly necessary. But it is nice.

Brand strategy: finding diamonds, under your feet

Branding which creates value and lasts, is built upon the real nature of your business and its products and services. This is why we dig so much more deeply than traditional agencies. It’s why we ask different questions, in different ways.

We do this because most businesses overlook the remarkable, in what they do every day. Time and time again, our process reveals that clients underestimate just how distinctive they are, and where that could take them. The Real Branding process thus highlights what you are, and what you could become. It provides a solid foundation for a stronger brand and value proposition. It will boost your growth and expand your business’s potential.

You can read more about our core process here: Approach.

Branding, logo design and visual identities: if you don’t look fit, everyone will assume that you’re not.

Attractive and easy-to-digest, visual identity is merely the visible tip of the iceberg that is your branding. However, that prominent visibility does means that it is hugely influential. We all judge books by their covers. We have to.

Our visual identities – from logos to, say, a distinctive website page transition – grab attention from the audiences you care about. Never ‘going with the flow’, they are distinctive and memorable in ways which retain their power long after fads and fashions have faded. They encompass corporate colours, logo design, signature graphics, nomenclature and tone of voice. Our user-friendly guides show how to apply them in ways which are helpful, not prescriptive. When it embodies and expresses good branding, good design lasts.

Creative work for Wacom
Good design lasts: created several years ago, our original work for Wacom looks just as good, today.

Value Propositions: are you hiding your light under a bushel?

Far from over-claiming, most businesses understate how good they are. Astonishingly, this applies even to claims about physical products. By looking differently at the views of your customers, clients and staff, we find out what they genuinely value about you. As well as what they couldn’t care less about, no matter what they might say in focus groups.

The result is stronger value propositions which appeal more strongly to those you add value, for.

Creative work for Worcestershire County Council's development sites.
Hidden benefits: Our work for Worcestershire County Council’s ‘game changer’ development sites highlights infrastructure benefits which agents typically overlook.

Tone of voice: should a diverse organisation, speak with one voice?

Yes. Clients and customers want and expect consistency. It goes to the heart of what a brand, is. Our process helps you to define and articulate that tone. This makes it possible for everyone in your business to actively use it. Tone of voice statements can be as relevant to back office teams, as to those working in social media and customer service.

Our brand identity guidelines for the Phone Coop include a tone of voice guide especially useful to the social media, PR and sales promotion teams.
Consistent character: relevant to all at The Phone Co-op, our tone of voice guide is especially useful to the social media, PR and sales promotion teams.

Naming: would you smell a rose, named liverwort?

Liverworts are beautiful, moss-like plants, but how keen would you be to smell one? Not many brand names are that negative. But too many are average when they could be attractive. Bland when they could be bold. Our systematic approach to developing the right name for your brand takes out the subjectivity and guesswork. It produces a name which avoids both classic mistakes and actively encourages your target audience to get up close – and sniff hard.

Logo design and branding for Spring Retirement.
Surprises, especially enjoyable ones, are memorable. So often linked with analogies about autumn, putting ‘spring’ with ‘retirement’ prompts a smile from those hearing it for the first time, helping this new company to grow steadily.

To find out more, please call us today on 01386 555666. Whether your project is likely to happen now, or way off in the future, we’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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