New Retirement Security property website and Court Circular magazine

June 21, 2017

Each of these two projects is a big deal for us and a major team effort. Both, too, represent a dramatic departure from what went before, and thus a generous leap of faith on the part of our client. The website faced all sorts of migration, SEO and data feed challenges, as well as requiring a complete re-think of how RSL’s model for retirement property is explained. We also had to configure each of the individual ‘properties for sale’ pages, featuring resale properties available at the 32 RSL developments across the country.

Initial statistics and feedback are most encouraging. The site is big but fast (being cloud hosted), looks great on mobiles as well as desk tops and is succeeding in encouraging visitors to spend more time on it and to look at more pages.

Audience response to the Court Circular owners’ magazine, meanwhile, has been fantastically positive. Getting the tone right for communities with a mix of the fit and the frail, of baby boomers and nonagenarians (some of whom are amazingly fit) is an on-going learning process, but we seem to have got off to a respectable start.
You can download a PDF of the Court Circular magazine here.

NB: If your browser is Chrome and you don’t already have a pdf viewer plugin you will need to download one to view this. Please see here.

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