Local targeting boosts ROI of Pay-Per-Click ads

June 21, 2017

High control over where, and how much you spend, avoids waste and reaps significant rewards.

Though often still classed as an ‘advertising agency’, we do little traditional press advertising these days, clients preferring the control and targeted nature of Google AdWords, display ads (the retail ones with photos at the top of the page) and other online advertising, especially Facebook. Too many businesses, though, waste an enormous amount of the cash they spend online. This includes some of the very large advertisers, partly because their campaigns become so complex over time, that much slips by unnoticed – until you go looking.

Many also don’t appreciate the extent to which we can target specific age and interest groups and locations. For business which provide a personal service – such as our noise and heat insulation client, Redplug, this is crucial. It enables us to aim at one county or major conurbation, then another, picking up nearby jobs each time, whilst avoiding paying for clicks from beyond the area they cover. For exporters, too, it can make all the difference. Clients PS Electrical, for example, have a licence to sell their core product worldwide – apart from the USA. With online advertising, practising and demonstrating compliance is easy and avoids paying for unwanted click-throughs.

To find our more about how to save money on your online advertising, or about what online advertising could do for your business, just give us a call.

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