Blue Moon Green tech conference sets minds buzzing

What a terrific afternoon! Four genuinely inspiring speakers demonstrating both how the sustainable technologies of their sectors are changing our lives now, and how they interact with and support each other. Thus, for example, Tesla car batteries, when no longer efficient enough for a supercar, are directly re-used within buildings with energy systems designed by people like Phil Reid at Red Engineering. Energy from the roofs of those buildings, stored in the batteries, can be used to produce hydrogen without burning fossil fuels, making the hydrogen cars manufactured by Hugo Spower’s Riversimple, run CO2 free. And even whilst trucks continue to burn diesel, the huge reductions in food waste and increases in the productivity of horticultural land that are the outcomes of the work of Professor Roy Kennedy and his team at Pershore College, are cutting the number food miles needed to get good food to our plates.

Most gratifyingly, the talks prompted a great many highly engaged conversations both during the mid-afternoon break and for a long time after the formalities were over. We are delighted that everyone had such a good time and grateful for the support of our speakers, of techUK and of the Economic Regeneration team at Wychavon District Council.

Speaker presentations, videos and more photos to follow
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