A distinct and impactful way to showcase your brand online

October 10, 2016

With more and more brands adopting the “mobile-first” approach, a lot of the websites I see nowadays look and function in very similar ways. I totally understand that majority of the websites being built these days fit a prescribed pattern simply because that’s what works and it is what the end-user expects to see when they land on the page but, a lot of the sites are now beginning to look a bit too samey and I can’t help thinking that this is any good for your business. Plus, you won’t rank high in Google if people do not enjoy your site (which they won’t if you look just like your competitors), so it is worth spending a little more, making sure it’s engaging.

An unforgettable website is THE key to better conversions, so how can you make yours memorable?

There are a lot of ways of giving your website a unique touch, but none is more effective than creating bespoke, branded illustrations. Whether it is little icons or full-width hero images, illustrations can not only increase the visual appeal of the site but they can transform an average website into a unique, memorable experience and bring your brand to life.

Illustrations are a great choice when good quality photography is not available (and are often more efficient as they possess the ability to take more data), or when the product isn’t attractive enough. Our in-house illustrations bring a highly distinctive element to all of Veriti Guardians marketing materials, branding everything clearly without a logo in sight.

Small feature, big function

Like I said earlier, illustrations don’t have to take up the whole screen, small branded icons can not only put content in a nutshell, they can also draw the users attention and increase readability. Illustrated icons combined with subtle hover effects can add a personal touch to any website at very little cost.

To find out more about our bespoke illustration services and how they can help your brand to prosper across all media, please call us on 01386 555 666.

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